Synapse Society

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Welcome to the virtual Synapse Society, as the name suggests we’re all about the brain (probably a bit too much)!


Each month, Team Stimulus shares reliably sourced content on topics on brain and behaviour to discuss the research through our monthly Synapse Society meetings. 


The Synapse Society is a discussion space and a close-knit community for curious individuals beginning to explore the brain sciences.


So, join us as we delve deeper into the mental: the mind, brain, and behaviour. Explore the fascinating connections between them to stimulate your mind with discussions, our close-knit community, and an abundance of knowledge to lose yourself in.



Research starts from asking the right questions, but you have to ask many wrong questions before you're able to ask the right ones. Synapse Society meetings are non-judgemental discussion spaces for budding neuroscientists like yourself where we encourage you to ask all the 'silly' questions you may have. Each Synapse Society member should go through the resources (reading material and educational videos) before the date of the meeting. During the meet, a moderator will moderate discussions concerning the theme of the meeting. We encourage you to share your opinions, ideas, thoughts and ask questions surrounding the research or case studies shared with you. We look forward to hosting your ideas! 


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Meeting 4: The Ageing Brain: Neurodegeneration

Topics covered: What are neurodegenerative disorders, types and discussion on recent research


Conducted on: 16th April, 2022

Meeting 3: Neuroscience of Depression

Topics covered: Understanding depression through a case study


Conducted on: 26th February, 2022

Meeting 2: Evolution of the Brain

Topics covered: Formation of the Brain, Neuroplasticity

Clinical case - Alzheimer's Disease 


Conducted on: 31st July 2021

Meeting 1: Brain and Behaviour

Topics covered: History of Neuroscience, Structure of the Brain

Case study - Phineas Gage


Conducted on: 29th June 2021