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Synapse Society

The Synapse Society is a discussion space, a close-knit community, a compilation of content curated by Team Stimulus, and so much more! This will be your treasure trove to responsibly sourced information about the brain- especially if you’re just a curious individual beginning to explore the brain sciences. 


So, join us as we delve deeper into the mental: the mind, brain, and behaviour. Explore the fascinating connections between them to stimulate your mind with discussions, our close-knit community, and an abundance of knowledge to lose yourself in.


Stimulus organised a Neuroscience convention called “Neuro-November” in collaboration with Project Encephalon, spanning events that were a perfect blend of discussions, research projects and career development panels in neuroscience, in an effort to empower the next generation of neuroscientists.
In celebration of knowledge and diversity with speakers, panellists and audiences all across the world, we offer an enticing blend of events that delve deeper into the fascinating field of neuroscience through the lens of different art forms- something never done before!
A uniquely curated 4-day event that is the perfect fit for you to satiate your love for neuroscience along with the hundreds of students, graduates, academicians and seasoned neuroscientists that attended and were left yearning for more!

Junior Research Competition

In order to further our vision of fostering scientific acumen among young minds, we at Stimulus conducted a research-based competition for high-school students across India, in collaboration with IIT Gandhinagar’s cognitive science department.
These high school students are virtually insatiable in their pursuit of purpose, so much so that when they found their cause in the field of neuroscience, they pursued it with an unrivalled, unapologetic passion to see it through! The 10 min presentation which they gave on their own with assistance from masters and PhD students of the centre of cognitive and brain sciences was nothing but exceptional!
The event was conducted on 20th March 2021 with 1000 participants from all over the country. Their proactive and diligent behaviour was a testament to the difference they will be making in neuroscience. Even though most of them are still teenagers, we are confident that they are going to break the mould and reshape much of the world we know today. 

Interview Series

Neuroscientists do interesting work, but they’re often interesting people, too and that is why not every science story is just a science story.
When it comes to understanding neuroscience through the Interview Series curated by Stimulus, our approach to interviewing will be purposefully pedestrian: you’ll learn about fields of research you never even imagine existed—and come away understanding why someone would spend their entire life trying to understand the science that influences human behaviour. Sometimes you’ll even hear about things that happened inside a lab and sometimes a scientific expert will tell an emotional tale that they’re able to relate back to their line of work in some powerful, poetic way.
From discussions that encapsulate an intriguing & promising use of technology to make a dent in the universe, to conversations that are a metamorphic colloquy for career development in the brain sciences, we hope our interview series will be a priceless exchange!

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Our Past Events

School Kids Meditating

Operation Mindfulness

Alongside Hoomans of Calcutta, this mental health drive was centred at students. The coronavirus pandemic has indeed turned the world upside down. When it comes to students, who are yet to mature completely and are still learning, such an experience takes a massive toll. With this in mind, we launched a collaboration with HOC, to ameliorate mental health issues and foster a sense of belonging.