Depicting Rare Diseases

The brain and its related phenomena have baffled scientists, researchers, and anyone asking, for thousands of years. Even more enigmatic than the brain itself, is the nature of rare disorders of the brain. 


Generally, a disorder/disease can be termed as 'rare' when it has a very low prevalence in any given population. For e.g. Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease is a commonly discussed rare brain disease that is characterized by rapid and progressive degeneration of the brain's condition, which ultimately leads to death. It is an extremely rare condition and affects less than five thousand people, in a vast country like India. 


We, at Stimulus, want to celebrate this year's Brain Awareness Week (from March 14 - March 20) by shedding light on several such rare diseases, which remain unknown to the common public and provide a space for open discussion/depiction on them. We are inviting artistic submissions in any form (drawings, sketches, paintings, doodles, digital art) encouraging YOUR perspective on any rare neurological disease through scientific art. So, let your creativity surge and join us in celebrating the BAW 2022!

To participate, submit your artwork through the form below.

Criteria for Judgment

Originality of the idea
Rigorous checking of facts if the work is displaying a phenomenon or a concept
Aesthetics, including neatness, use of negative space, creativity
Clarity in the communication of the message

Meet the Judges


Rupsy Khurana
Rupsy is a wildlife biologist turned multimedia science communicator practicing and exploring ways to distill complex concepts and processes into succinct essays, illustrations, graphics, and other visual media. 

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Deepika Nandan
Deepika is an interdisciplinary artist from Bengaluru, India. Her practice explores the use of found objects and natural, sustainable materials. She creatively combines analogue and digital techniques. Using location and context-specific media and visuals, she explores various streams of science such as wildlife conservation, climate change, mental health, and neuroscience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will we receive participation certificates?
Yes, you will receive participation certificates for participating in Brain Awareness Week 2022.
Can I submit digital art?

Yes, you can submit an image of your art. We accept all original submissions
What are the prizes?
The top 2 winners will receive 'Synapse Society' tee shirts from Stimulus. 
Can I become part of Synapse Society?
Yes, you can join Synapse Society, an open group where we introduce neuroscience concepts to interested individuals.
Visit the webpage here Synapse Society

When will the results be announced? 
By 23rd March. We will email you the results as well as post them on our social media.
What happens to my artwork if I do not win?

If you have shared your consent, we will portray your work with due credit on our website and social media handles.