Live, Love, Laugh Foundation
Curated database of therapists/ psychiatrists across India. You can search by State or by city. TLLLF does not make any recommendations or guarantees regarding the quality of response and medical advice you receive from any of the therapists.
Therapize India
Repository of therapists who have a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology/ Counselling (minimum requirement).
Queer friendly health and legal services. This is an online searchable database on queer friendly sexual health, mental health and legal aid service providers in India! Locate mental health professionals, sexual health specialists and human rights lawyers by location and nature of services needed.
Book appointments through their website, a referral will be sent to their centre and then there will be an initial screening to ensure this is the right service for you. Your therapy begins after a screening appointment with the psychologist you are appointed.
Reboot Wellness
They are a group of queer friendly professional psychologists and psychiatrists offering online counselling, clinical assessments, and a variety of treatments. Their website will help you find a mental health professional suited for your needs.
Switch India
Operating through e-mail exchanges, this is a free of cost helpline where volunteers respond within 24-48 hours. Write to them at to share any issues causing psychological and emotional distress to you, from academic/work related stress to grief, peer problems, relationships, life etc
Cure fit
Cure fit provides a database of therapists and psychiatrists at your disposal. You can book different types of packages, ranging from one on one therapy to group therapy sessions. A Therapy session lasts for 50 mins, and a Psychiatry session lasts for 25 mins
Practo has a large database of doctors. You can search according to area and specification. They also showcase mental health professionals taking sessions online.
Fortis Hospital- Mental health professionals
This is the repository for doctors trained in the mental health and behavioural sciences working in Fortis. You can book an appoinment by requesting a referral from their website.
Therapy Route
You can search for a therapist according to your location, identity, issue, age and your medium of communication. Refer to their their "How to choose a therapist" page to navigate their website.