How Email Can Negatively Impact Your Mental Health
A very informative blog on how email, the very tool that millions of us use everyday, can negatively impact our mental (and what we can do about it!)
Anxiety slayer
The website offers award winnning podcasts on anxiety, courses to navigate anxiety, relaxing meditations and more .
Adventures with Anxiety
This is a sort of interactive story, where the author has tried to explain what it's like to live with anxiety.
Centre for Clinical Interventions
This page provides informative links to understand anxiety and also worksheets to record your situations, thoughts and breathing rate.
Help Guide: Anxiety
This page defines anxiety, types of anxiety, its symptoms, how to cope, the effect of covid and more.The information is detailed and comprehensive.
Teen Mental health
A comprehensive free magazine on social anxiety disorder.
Mental Health Literacy
A simple explanation of stress used by educators on adolescents
Anatomy of a panic attack
What does a panic attack look or feel like? Find out and learn some coping techniques in this interactive tool
Stress Me Less
A visual tool to rid yourself of stress.
Go Zen
Get free resources to help children manage stress.


10 minute mediation
A guided meditation to help focus your breathing and centre of attention.
Video to help cope with a Panic Attack
While in a panicked state, catching your breath and staying in control is a difficult task. This video assists you in calming yourself through a simple breathing exercise
Rewiring the Anxious Brain
This video tries to explain anxiety, provides three ways of facing and overcoming anxiety, and explains how the brain can change its structure, function, and chemistry when you actively change.
Yoga to help with stress and anxiety
In this practice video Adriene guides you through breath and body practices that serve you when you feel bad. Learn breathing techniques and spinal work that will assist you in moments of stress
Calming technique
Take 5 breathing helps you slow down, deepen your breath, and redirect your focus. This technique is wonderful for children as well as adults.
Lofi music
A playlist for anxious moments
Compilation or Art and painting (Satisfying)
Generalised Anxiety Disorder Explained

Instagram Accounts

Provides insightful posts, memes and spreads awareness around mental health. Also provides a non-judgemental space where individuals can share their struggles.
Solely dedicated to those who struggle with anxiety. Posts include art, cartoons. tips and comics. You can also purchase thought management worksheets.
World's largest anxiety community. They have an insightful youtube channel and post encouraging posts that also aid in navigating situations that induce anxiety.
Not a licensed professional but an individual diagnosed with anxiety. Stef shared her experience with anxiety through her instagram page.
Similar to the above account, Alexia uses this page to document her experience with anxiety.