About Us

Who we are

Stimulus began with an aim to generate curiosity across 3 pivotal domains- neuroscience, psychology and cognitive behavior. We are driven with the firm belief that a future isn’t far where the youth is informed, aware and active. We wish to actively pave the way toward such a reality. Most importantly, we harbour a community of passionate learners who in turn create avenues for others to follow their footsteps, if not outperform them. Also, we aim to use our reach and uplift marginalised communities by educating the specially abled on their rights as well as by extending research and learning facilities to socio-economic minority groups.


Our Core Values


Our mission is to foster scientific acumen in young minds and ignite their passion towards the procurement of knowledge in the field of brain sciences. 

We envision a world where the youth have the resources, exposure, and passion to seek out information and drive change- where there are no barriers to education.

We stand by the core values of commitment, creativity, consistency, novelty, and humility translated into action, by collating science with advocacy and outreach, for global good.


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