Fostering curiosity through outreach and advocacy in Brain Sciences

This shows a sense of collaboration, team work. Stimulus as an organisation works collaboratively to enhance the neuroscientific community around us

About Us

Stimulus is a non-profit student-run organisation with numerous volunteers, geared towards generating curiosity about neuroscience, psychology and mental health. Not only do we raise awareness, we create a platform for people to learn, unlearn and relearn and spur things into action. As representatives of the future of neuroscience, we ensure the passage of valid information and we empower those around us to take action. In doing so, we at Stimulus, harbour a community of budding neuroscientists.



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Get Involved

Change doesn't happen overnight, but we are willing to give in our best to bring the change society requires, and we're hoping so are you! 

For people looking to actively support our cause, to be able to create a community of neuroscience enthusiasts spanning across all age groups, genders, races etc. and to be as inclusive in our efforts as possible - our opportunities and hearts are open for you. If you share our passion in this field and are looking for ways to create an impact, we're here for you!

Stimulus believes in the spirit of collaboration. it presents volunteering opportunities to students in neuroscience psychology or any from any discpline get involved with stimulus


A way to connect with the enthusiast in you. 

Stimulus' events, designed by our youth-led team or through collaborations with other youth-led organisations furthering the cause of the brain sciences and mental health while also addressing educational gaps to inspire young minds. 

Explore this section to learn more and participate in our events.

Our instagram post on stress neuroscience brain psychology cognitive science
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Instagram is a quintessential source of communication in today’s world. At Stimulus, we harness the potential of social media to unveil interesting facts about different aspects of the human mind, life & to dismiss stigmas present in our society. With our community of hundreds, we hope to foster scientific acumen in audiences of all ages! Instagram is a quintessential source of communication in today’s world. 

Our instagram post where we play a game with our users to guess the name of the scientist by the provided description brain science cognitive science neuroscience


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